Come, Creator Spirit,


Reconciliation: Jesus is waiting to give you peace!

Confessions are available each Saturday at 3.30pm in the church. Bishop Elizondo is also hearing confessions before and after the 10:30am and 12:30pm Sunday Masses. [Pre-registration is not required for confession.]

Jesús está esperando para darte paz. Confesiones disponibles cada sábado a las 3:30pm. El Obispo Elizondo está escuchando confesiones los domingos antes y después de las Misas de 10:30am y 12:30pm. [No se requiere registrarse para la confesión.]

Summer Bible Study: Esther, May 16 - July 11

The Book of Esther tells a story of the deliverance of the Jewish people. We are shown a Persian emperor, who makes momentous decisions for trivial reasons, and his wicked minister, Haman, who takes advantage of the king’s compliance to pursue a personal vendetta against the Jews by having a royal decree issued ordering their destruction. The threat is averted by two Jews, Esther and Mordecai. Their influence and intervention allow the Jews to turn the tables on their enemies and rout their attackers. The book confronts the modern reader with important themes, the evils of genocide and racism. [Introduction to the Book of Esther,]

To join this 7-session study, please visit the Bible Study Group on our parish Facebook page, or contact Holly Renz in the parish office: 253-859-0444 ext. 215, or email Classes are online, and registration is required to get the Zoom links.

Schedule Change for Saturday Masses, starting 5/29

Beginning Saturday 5/29, Saturday evening Masses will be at:

  • 5:00 pm (English)

  • 6:30 pm (Español)

Pre-registration is still required for both, and is available through our Flocknote message system. If you are not currently receiving our Flocknote messages, simply click the link or text HSKent to 84576.